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Through an intimate and artistic lens, Milk brings a universal perspective on the politics, commercialization and controversies surrounding birth and infant feeding over the canvas of stunningly beautiful visuals and poignant voices from around the globe. Inspiring, informative, provocative and sensitive, Milk celebrates bringing a new life into this world with a strong call to action and reflection. 

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ThehOOd social network connects neighbourhoods without boundaries by helping parents and caregivers find services nearby and connect with old and new friends.  

Let’s meet in thehOOd and you will never feel alone.

ThehOOd is the only iOS App in the marketplace that is both a GPS service finder and a social network to allow caregivers to interact as well as generate customized information for baby friendly places by: * posting baby friendly places;*updating events; *participating in community forums; *posting comments about each place, and; *networking with nearby existing and new friends.

ThehOOd not only connects; it's mission is to make an outing with your child very simple. The places shown in the app are conveniently grouped in baby friendly categories and the social network allows you to find old and new friends nearby when on the go. ThehOOd is entirely user generated providing caregivers with the unique function of reporting a place that should be added or removed from the map,  thus creating a more personalized experience..

It takes a village to raise a family. Connect with thehOOd, your voice counts.

*ThehOOd is presently only available in Toronto and vicinities.


Latest News

Halton Baby Friendly Initiative to host MILK’s first Canadian Community screening

June 1st and 3rd in at the theatre on Speers Road in Oakville.
For more information and to purchase tickets please visit our :

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Posted on 5/20/2015

Milk's Premiere at Hot Docs International Film Festival was a success!

We had two screenings, full houses, rush lines, a standing ovation and very engaging Q&A. 
Thank you to all who attending the screenings! 

                                       “A sweeping cinematic look at the politics of breastfeeding and birth” Michelle Latimer -Hot Docs
                                                                                                 " Milk rocks" Now Magazine 

                                                                               “Stuffed with inspiring footage” The Globe and Mail

“Noemi Weis has thrown down the gauntlet in the battle of the breast.” Insidetoronto
“With warmth and sensitivity, Milk explores breastfeeding around the world in a powerful piece of poetry to tell an important message.” Scene Creek
“Inspiring, informative, provocative and sensitive” Toronto is Awesome
“Represents a celebration of life and motherhood” Toronto Film Scene
“Formula freebies part of companies ‘brilliant marketing”. I learned all of this watching Weis’s new documentary MILK”- says Catherine Porter, Toronto Star

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Posted on 5/8/2015
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