MILK Educational Program

According to UNICEF and WHO, 7 MILLION children die every year due to malnutrition, of those, 1 MILLION babies die every year due to not breastfeeding and OVER 300.000 Women die every year due to complications during pregnancy and birth 

We must increase awareness and education in order to attain a healthier future for the good of humanity to ensure that all children and all pregnant women , whether they are from a rich country or a poor one, can get the best possible support. 

Thanks to the great support from local and global organizations like yourselves, MILK has screened to date in over 300 communities worldwide. In response to the audience needs, we have created an educational program whereby the film is used as a tool to bring communities together in partnership with local organizations dedicated to maternal and newborn health. The screenings are followed by a training programs, workshops and or panel discussion. These programs are reaching health care workers and caregivers alike and conducted in clinics, hospitals and communities centres and just about anywhere by local groups dedicated to maternal and newborn health. 

We successfully conducted the first educational program among First Nations communities in Ontario, Canada with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation ( OMDC) , completed a large outreach across Canada in 72 communities from coast to coast thanks to the support from the Telus Fund. 

The program has been replicated and successfully run in rural Kenya thanks to the support of DocImpact. The great outcome of this program is now starting its second phase geared to teen moms. For more information and to learn about the BIG ( Breastfeeding Information Groups) program as part of
the MILK Educational Program, please visit
Additionally, the MILK program has recently completed its run in rural China in partnership with the Chinese Lactation and Association. 

We are pleased to share that presently there are implementation of changes as part of the success of the MILK Educational Program in Canada, rural Kenya and rural China. Soon to be replicated in some African and Latin American countries. 



To learn more how YOU can get involved and be part of this global movement to eradicate malnutrition, infant and maternal mortality, morbidity and increase rates of breastfeeding and reduce c-sections, please connect with us at to discuss opportunities and all details concerning these educational training programs.